Regd. No. 1977,T15701/11

Carnival Academy of Education

(Run & Managed by - Ajanya Educational Foundation, A Govt. Regd. Organization)


The organization has a vision to have equity, educated society.


To generate awareness, consciousness and promote holistic development of all sections of the society


To strive for the sustainable development process and improvement in quality of life of all section of the society with emphasis on deprived and marginalized through participatory approach, also empower them to avail their rights.T

Organizational Operational Area

The operational area of the organization is Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkand and planned to diversify to other districts of above states


Child labour and child Rights
Children are the cheap source of labour and are easily available. This is all due to the fact that they are the supporting hands in the enhancing the family income. The socio-economic conditions of the area also act as a catalyst in raising the problem. The socio-economic conditions of the children are very poor and the reason being the children belongs to the most deprived section of the community. The children generally work as domestic servant, in the hotels and are devoid of the childhood. The organization has taken this issue as a matter of great concern and works for the children to bring them in the mainstream with education, health, and development of promotional activities related to children. At A.E.F. we focus primarily on the four issues concerning the child rights. They are…
1. The right to protection
2. The right to survival
3. The right to development
4. The right to Participation


A majority of the population of the targeted and operational area belong to low castes and which are also in the social-economic front. The education of the children and more especially the girl children in not valued. The children are engaged mostly in the domestic and house activities and boys of some of the families are engaged in petty workers for the earning of families. The organization is working among the community conscious about the education of the children with emphasis on the education of the girl children. The organization has adopted both approach for the education for the children and us running both formal and non-formal education centers of its own.


The area in which the organization is operational comprises to the population which are socio-economically very poor and the organization envisages for promoting livelihood promotional options among them with institutions and government for their status raise. Many programs are in operation for both the adult male and female population.


The targeted area and population of the organization are devoid of many health facilities and live with poor condition of health. The organization is working among the targeted population in making the community health conscious and demand for the health services from the government. The organization promotes immunization among the children and pregnant women, ANC, PNC and NNC services through organizing the community to avail the services of IMR, MMR, General Mortality and Morbidity are also the thrust of the problem which affect are IMR, catered through the services of the government health system. The organization also promotes small family norms among the community and encourages the community for family welfare schemes. The organization is also operational in the prevention and control of STDs and HIV/AIDS through community awareness. Preventive The organization is committed to preventive health and has done mass awareness among the target community. Preventive health such as Diarrhea, Malaria and Cholera etc has been taken up through community mobilization.

Reproductive and Child Health

We have been focusing on Women’s Reproductive Health across the entire project. In the entire programme we have tried to cover the reproductive cycle from puberty to menopause. The project has been addressing the needs that have emerged over years. Our organization had dealt some of the issues that are as follows:
1. Effective Maternal & Child health care.
2. Increased access to contraceptive care.
3. Nutritional services to vulnerable groups.
4. Prevention and treatment of RTI/STI.
5. Reproductive health services for adolescents


The organization has the identified this issue as the most important issues and concern of the organization as well as the community. Efforts are being made to bring the women in social-economic and political and play a vital role for the development of the community with many activities that are carried out by the organization are the promotion of self-help group and engaging them in the income Generating program. The women are being made instrumental in advocating for the right within the community and also outside with the government. The women have been made able by which they participate in the education, health, and other aspects of development. The women are also engaged I the PRI activities for which they are capacitated through capacity development traning.

Water and Sanitation

The organization considers water as the basic human rights and it is working for the access to safe drinking water provisions involving the community. It has been seen that many people are deprived of safe drinking water and existing water sources has been confined to the dominant class of the society. The organization has also involved the community in operations and maintenance of these water sources and builds up a partnership with the community.

Old Age Care

The organization works for the old aged persons especially for the females above the age of 60 who are detached from the family members. They are given support from the organization for services as health check-up, counselling. The support from the organization is given to these old people to that their acceptance at the family can be gained.