Regd. No. 1977,T15701/11

Carnival Academy of Education

(Run & Managed by - Ajanya Educational Foundation, A Govt. Regd. Organization)

An Introduction

Genesis A.C.E.I is a secular, non-political and non-profit making voluntary organization. This organization was formed by a group of persons. Having seen the plight of the people of rural areas. The dedication to work for the development of the poor people led to the formation of this organization. The organization came into existence in the year 2011 and was registered under Trust Act of 1882 under Article XXI. India is agricultural country and people are mostly dependent on the agriculture for their livelihood. If agriculture fails, in absence of any other employment opportunities the people are forced to migrate to nearby cities. The districts of India of areSince then the organization has been working SC, ST, women, child labour, older people and other sections of the societies who have denied of their development rights and are away from the mainstream of developments. The organization believes in development through social action. It believes in people central development based on participatory approach with special emphasis on health and economic empowerment.

Legal Status

Organization Registration The organization is a registered under TRUST Registration Act of 1882-Article XXI of the date March. 19/05/2011 and bears the Registration no. 1977 Income Tax Registration The organization has filed registration with Income Tax Department under the income tax act 1961 under 12A provisions. PAN Number The organization has also obtained the permanent Account and which is AACTT5612R